Tuesday, 25 February 2020

Trips to Stratford,New Plymouth and Te Kuiti Airfields

Upon my departure from the SAANZ flyin at Hawera,myself and Peter Mole heading back to Tauranga dropped in as youdo to airfields enroute so here was noted .


New Plymouth

And finally Te Kuiti

Thursday, 20 February 2020

Waihi Beach Fly-in

Last Sunday,16th February,Waihi Beach Airfield held its first fly-in since the closure last year of the field due to runway and drainage improvements.
Thanks go to Dave Evans and the Waihi aviation group of Volunteers to organize the event and hopefully more to come.

Here is a list that was present on the day

JAN         Tecnam P96 Golf  (Resident)
CSC Czech Aircraft Works Sportcruiser (Resident)
TFP         Vans RV12 UL (Resident)
N/A           Rans S.9  (Under construction)
NGZ        BRM Bristell S-LSA UL
FDB Flight Design CTLS
LHC Harris CASH Aviation Model 3
WLL Vans RV-7
LVA         Vans RV-7
OPA Vans RV-6
VGS         Vans RV-6
JNG         Tecnam P2002 Sierra
MSR Murphy SR2500 Super Rebel
SLG   Aplane Factory Sling LSA UL
BLW       Auster J5Q
RVA Vans RV-6A
TLP        Pazmany PL-2
CDY Cessna 180
MBA       Vans RV-12 UL
MEL Vans RV-7 A

Saturday, 15 February 2020

US Bizjet arrives into Tauranga

Tauranga received its 4th Bizjet arrival this year of N599CH Bombardier Global 6000 c/n 9515 which arrived from Queenstown on the 12th and departed the next day back to Perth in Australia.

Pixs courtsey of Warick Hamilton and Peter Mole

SAANZ Hawera fly-in

Over the weekend 6-8th February,the Northern SAANZ branch organize a fly-in into Hawera airfield in the Taranaki district of New Zealand and below were the following.

Hawera Residents
CAW EAA Acro Sport II
EOS Cessna 172N
PBH R & B Bearhawk
PHL Vans RV-10
ROT Micro Aviation  Bantam B22J
SHN Vans RV-7
UNB Cessna A152
VHC Aeroprakt  A-32 LSA

Visitors 6th Feb

LFS  Grumman American AA-1C
SRT  ICP Savannah S
NWH Cessna A.185F
BQV Piper PA-18
REX Vans RV 7A
LFG Aeroprakt A-22LS
WEM Murphy Rebel
WEC Murphy Rebel
PDN Vans RV-8
TOY Corby CJ 1 Starlet U/L
TNT Corby CJ 1 Starlet U/L
YGL Corby Starlet
VNZ Vans RV-7
CLX Jabiru Jabiru J160
JLT         Vans RV-7A
BRV Vans RV-6
DYB Jodel D.11
LXC Vans RV-4
VRV Vans RV-6
KCD Jodel D.11
ZKZ Zenair Zodiac CH-600
CRI        Colomban  Cri Cri MC-15
WLK Vans RV-8
VAN Murphy Rebel

Visitors on 7th Feb
ZRV Vans RV-8
ESY Zenair CH701 SP
FGV Cessna 172M
JFH         Hansen Deuce
BLW Auster J5Q
WGK Czech Aircraft Works Sportcruiser
VMS Thorp T-18 CW
VIA         Vans RV 6A
MTD Diamond Aircraft DA 40 Star (o/f)
MTS Diamond Aircraft DA 42  Twin Star (o/f)
MSR Murphy SR2500 Super Rebel
SXR Sonex Aircraft LLC Sonex
TLP         Pazmany PL-2
TEL  TRI-R KIS TR-4 Cruiser
WLL Vans RV-7
LVA         Vans RV-7
MMB Jodel D.11
OPA Vans RV-6
PCH Vans RV-6
UAS De Havilland Canada DHC-1 Chipmunk Mk 22
EHP Cessna A150M
DBH Murphy Rebel
NAF Amateur-built Sonex
SAQ Fly Synthesis Storch S
JRV Vans RV-12

Visitors on 8th Feb
ESM Vans RV-6
MPO Stoddard-Hamilton Glastar
LHC Harris CASH Aviation Model 3
VNS Vans RV-9A
EBA Piper PA28R-200 Arrow
RVA Vans RV-6A
SNW Monnett Sonerai IILS
SSF         Zenith Zenith CH 601- XL
MTJ Diamond Aircraft DA 40 Star (o/f)