Wednesday, 28 August 2019

Hawera Aero Club,s 90th anniversary fly-in

August 18th 2019 was Hawera Aero Clubs 90th Anniversary and to celebrate a Dawn patrol and BBQ fly-in was organized hense the reason myself and Peter traveled all the way down from Tauranga.
The weather was lovely on the Sunday but unfortunately all of the east side of the North Island was rained on so the number of visitors was well down on this time last year.

Here is a list at Hawera


ZK-UNB Cessna A152
ZK-EOS  Cessna 172
ZK-CAW Acro Sport II
ZK-PHL   Vans RV-10
ZK-VHC  Aeroprakt A-32 LSA
ZK-DGO  Piper PA-28-180
ZK-PBH  R & B Bearhawk
ZK-ROT  Bantam B22J

Visitors noted at the Dawn Patrol fly-in on 18th August

ZK-DXL Cessna 172
ZK-SKO Meteor S.p.A Sky Arrow 480T
ZK-CBH Cessna 180
ZK-JIP    Cessna 172
ZK-DBZ  Zenair CH 601 HDS
ZK-SPO  Glasair Sportsman 2+2
ZK-SSF  Zenith CH 601- XL
ZK-SNJ  Monnett Sonerai IILS
ZK-JHC  Cessna 172 N
ZK-LPD  Alpi Aviation Pioneer 300
ZK-MMC X-Air Hanuman
ZK-PTP   Rans S-7 Courier
ZK-KMC  Cessna 172 M
ZK-ZRV   Vans RV-8
ZK-TEL    KIS TR-4 Cruiser
ZK-EJO   Cessna 182P
ZK-CDY Cessna 180
ZK-DKE Cessna 180 J
ZK-AZK  Cessna 195
ZK-BEF   DH82 Tiger Moth
ZK-VTE   Tecnam P92 Echo Classic
ZK-TES    Tecnam  P92 Echo Super
ZK-LLY    Tecnam P2004 Bravo
ZK-CTB   Cessna 150H
ZK-CAV   Cessna 185
ZK-EEJ    Cessna 180 B
ZK-DKM  Cessna 172

Tuesday, 27 August 2019

Trip to Taranaki Airfields Pt 2

Continuing my journey to the Taranaki district with my colleague Peter Moleon the weekend 17-18th August ,we dropped into New Plymouth,Norfolk Rd Air strip,sStratford and finally the fly-in at Hawera on the Sunday.

So here was was noted at the following

New Plymouth 17 Aug

ZK-NEB  DH Dash 8
ZK-NED DH Dash 8
ZK-MDC  Beechcraft B200
ZK-JSC   Jodel D.11
ZK-YAK  Yak52
ZK-PTE   Yak 52
ZK-VLK  L-39 Albatross
ZK-ZAY   Yak 52
ZK-RVM  DH 115 Mk 55 Trainer

Unfortunately the weather was lousy with heavy rain so much was all locked up!!!!

Norfolk Road Air strip 18 Aug

After asking permission to look around and take some photos here are the following noted.We had access to 2 out of 3 Hangars.

ZK-CRB  Skyfox CA25N Gazelle
ZK-CSW  Cessna 150
ZK-PZL    PZL  PZL-104 Wilga 35A
ZK-EES   Pitts S-2A  (Re-build)
ZK-VQU  Cessna U206F
ZK-GNF  Grob G103 Twin II
ZK-GBB  Schneider E.S.52/II Kookaburra (Dismantled)
ZK-GEF  Schneider E.S.52/II Kookaburra (Dismantled)
 Plus 2 Cessna 172,s being re-built

Stratford Aerodrome 18th Aug
Joining us was Jordan Elvy and Simon Hills from our trip from Hawera

ZK-EEJ     Cessna 180
ZK-LTJ     Cresco 08-600
ZK-KMM Jodel  D9 UL
ZK-SWJ   Rans S-10 Sakota
ZK-RFD   B & F Technik Vertri FK 14 B
ZK-STA   Jabiru J230 UL
ZK-CZH  Taylor Monoplane
ZK-GGH  Schleicher Ka 6E
ZK-GTE  PZL-Swidnik PW-5 "Smyk"
ZK-GNN  Schempp-Hirth Janus
ZK-GKB  Schleicher ASW15
ZK-GVV Schempp-Hirth Ventus-2a
ZK-GWZ  Grob Twin Astir
ZK-GGN Schleicher ASW15
ZK-GET  Schleicher Ka 6E
ZK-TGC Aeropro EuroFox 3K
ZK-SND Monnett Sonerai IILS
ZK-DGV Jodel D,11
ZK-RSR Titan Tornado

Monday, 19 August 2019

Trip enroute to Taranaki Airfields Pt 1

During the weekend of 17th-18th August myself and Peter Mole embarked on a small tour of regional airfields in the Waikato,Waitomo and Taranaki districts of North Island visiting Te Awamutu,TeKuiti, New Plymouth,Stratford,Norfolk road ,Hawera and finally Wanganui Airfields.

The main reason was to attend the 90th Anniversary of the Hawera Aero club and attend the planned fly-in on the Sunday 18th August.So starting off with following noted at Te Awamutu and Te Kuiti airfields.

Te Awamutu-Golf Road Airstrip

ZK-DHG  PA28 Cherokee 6
ZK-CDY  Cessna180
ZK-DBD  AESL Airtourer Super 150
ZK-ESY  Zenair CH701 SP
ZK-WAG  PA38 Tomahawk
ZK-DSK   PA-28-151 Archer
ZK-JDY   Thatcher CX4

Te Kuiti

ZK-EMW NZ Aerospace FU24-954
ZK-LTN   Pacific Aerospace Cresco 08-600
ZK-CTB  Cessna 150
ZK-RLG  Cessna 182P
ZK-DRM  Cessna 172 M