Tuesday, 5 July 2022

Trip to Pukekohe east strip,Ardmore and Te Kowhai

 Travelling up to Auckland for the All Blacks game on 2nd July, I had time to drop into the airstrip at Pukekohe East and Ardmore before popping into Te Kowhai on the 3rd July on my return leg.

First Pukekohe East on 2nd July

DBL D Locke Minitwin MKII

EOK  Cessna 172 M

JDY  Thatcher CX4

JVG  Jodel D.18

NTO  Gippsland GA200C

SFL   NZ Aerospace FU24

XMC  Wittman Tailwind W.8UL

A few noted at Ardmore on the 2nd July

CJN         Bolkow Bo 208 C Junior
IJA          Robinson R44
HCB Eurocopter EC 130 T2
IWO Robinson R-44
VHC Aeroprakt A-32 LSA
IBN         Bell 206L-4
IDK          Eurocopter AS 350 BA

And finally on the 3rd July Te Kowhai

DOL  Vans RV12
DKC   Cessna 172 M
CJP    Jabiru UL-T
PXB   Aero Designs Pulsar
TZA   Robin  DR400/500
BTC  Piper PA18
CJV  Cirrus Designs SR20
CEH  PA28 Cherokee
N5JP  Cessna 150
DOQ  PA28 Cherokee 
SAJ    Aeroprakt A-22LS

Wednesday, 8 June 2022

NZ Warbirds at Ardmore

 Ardmore hosted a mini NZ Warbirds display on the 4th June and despite the late cancelation of the third section due to heavy rain, it went of really well and a good crowd attending the event as well.

Here was what was on display

Display Aircraft:

NZ1403 Beech T-6C Texan II

NZ3618 Kaman SH-2G Seasprite

NZ6102 English Electric Canberra B.2 (Unregistered)

NZ6208 McDonnell Douglas A-4K (Unregistered)

NZ6471 Aermacchi MB-339CB (Unregistered)

ZK-ARS Albatross D.Va replica

ZK-BKW Piper PA-18

ZK-BLI De Havilland Tiger Moth

ZK-BOE Boeing Stearman

ZK-BTL Bristol Scout D replica

ZK-CAG Curtiss P-40N

ZK-CMM Miles M.38 Messenger

ZK-CPG AESL Airtourer T6

ZK-DAK Douglas DC-3C

ZK-DGY Pacific Aerospace Airtrainer

ZK-DPP Percival Proctor I

ZK-EAM Diamond DA.42

ZK-ENE North American Harvard

ZK-ENG North American Harvard

ZK-ENJ North American Harvard

ZK-EZG Dan Rihn DR.107 One Design

ZK-FKD Fokker Dr.1 Triplane replica

ZK-GNW Grob G.109

ZK-IPC Bell 429

ZK-JJA North American Harvard

ZK-MJN North American Harvard

ZK-POL Polikarpov Po-2

ZK-PRK Bristol Fighter F2B replica

ZK-SAR Cessna 182T

ZK-SAX DHC 1 Chipmunk

ZK-SSW Siemens-Schuckert D-IV replica

ZK-TAF North American Mustang

ZK-TVI North American Harvard

ZK-VCM The Vintage Aviator BE2e-1

ZK-VNM De Havilland Venom

ZK-WAR North American Harvard

ZK-WDQ Supermarine Spitfire Mk.IX

ZK-WLM Aero L-39

ZK-XLX Extra EA 300/LC

ZK-XXS Yakovlev Yak-52

ZK-YIK Yakovlev Yak-52

Visitors on the day

ZK-BTC Piper PA-18

ZK-CVI Nanchang CJ-6

ZK-EFB Cessna A185F

ZK-IPB Bell 429

ZK-UFS Piper PA-28

ZK-VHC Aeroprakt A32

ZK-WIT Piper PA-28

ZK-XXI AESL Airtourer T3A

ZK-YAC Yakovlev Yak-52







Police 2 






Trip to Mercer

 Over the queens birthday public holiday ,Ardmore was hosting a mini NZ Warbirds airshow on the 4th June ,so departing on Saturday morning ,I dropped into Mercer airfield to catch up with Aerobatic competition and have a general look around to see any changes and wasn't dissapointed on the results.

Mercer 3rd June. Everything noted on the day

BBX DE Havilland DHC-2 Beaver Un-registered Dismantled

CCC Fisher R80 Tiger Moth

CMW Cessna 185B

COZ Puffer Cozy

DEE Cessna 206

DIM Diamond DA40 Wings off

DMK Alpi Aviation Pioneer 300

DSM Cessna 172M in paintshop

DTC Micro Aviation Bantam B22S

EFD Cessna 150J

EOL Cessna 172N

FQY Cessna 207

FSA  Cessna 172M

HEV Sikorsky S-92

JDZ         Pacific Aerospace CT/4E Airtrainer Maintenance

JIG         Socata TB10

JMX Vans RV-7

LAM Piper PA-18-150

LFG Aeroprakt A-22LS

MCR Cessna A185F

N814AR Eurocopter Puma

NUT Akrotech G202 Aerobatics Comp

PCB Alpi Aviation Pioneer 200

RVF         Vans RV-7 Aerobatics Comp

SBB Cessna 182N

WCB Aeroprakt A-32

WCO      Vans    RV-3UL

XYZ Cessna 172R

ZAC Cessna 172 S

ZSO Zlin Z 50 LS Aerobatics Comp