Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Hot Air Balloon at FMG Waikato Stadium

Noted last night at the Chiefs rugby stadium in Hamilton for the British & Lions Rugby  tour was Kubicek BB-60Z ZK-UPP which was fully erected for the general public to witness

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

New resident additions to Tauranga

It has been a while since an update on residents into Tauranga so here are a few that i have captured on camera and there are more but hidden away at present.

Piper PA23 Aztec ZK-DGT operated by Dairy Tech International which also owns Piper PA31 Navajo  ZK-ECQ which is currently on re-build.

Cessna 172 N ZK-FII owned privately

On of 3 additions to the Tauranga Aero-club  are Cessna 152 ZK-FPG.

Robinson R-44 ZK-HDV is privately owned

Operating from outside Solo Wings Hangar is Adventure Helicopters Ltd Guimbal G2 Cabri ZK-IIM

Cessna R172K Skyhawk ZK-KDB is privately owned.

Rutan Varieze ZK-NCD seen taxing out for a local flight around Papamoa.

2nd addition to Tauranga Aero-Club fleet is Cessna 152 ZK-NPD

Noted outside Solowings Maintenance hangar is Magni-Gyro M24C ZK-PLW which again is privately owned.

Formerly ZK-FMV Tauranga Aero Club has re-registered Cessna 155 ZK-TAC with a new re-spray as well.

Tecnam  P92 Echo Classic ZK-VTE seen here tucked away in its hangar is ZK-VTE.

Saturday, 20 May 2017

Movements from the last couple of weeks.

Tuesday, 9 May 2017

I did a photo shoot of ZK-EJA L-39C Albatross last weekend for
This is a Tauranga based flying adventure, flying the L-39 tandem jet trainer.

Saturday, 22 April 2017

Biz jets into Dubai Int (DXB)

On various trips to Dubai during March and April I was blessed with various Biz jets visiting into Dubai and below are a sample of those little beauties.

9M-TMJ G550 c/n 5493

D-BUZZ Cessna 750  c/n 750-0256

FAE-051  EMB-135BJ Legacy 600  c/n  145-01082 

I-PFLY Global 6000 c/n 9625

N142HC Global 5000 c/n 9650

N711LS Global 6000 c/n 9476 ,This machine has visited NZ shores as well as its previous N711LS Jet which was pictured in Taupo and is highlighted in a previous entry on our blogsite.

VP-CBD  Global 6000 c/n 9545 ex-M-RIZA

Sunday, 2 April 2017

Recent Biz jet Visits to Tauranga

During the month of March,Tauranga was bless with not 1 but 2 Biz-jets visiting our Shores at Tauranga.

First up on the 16th March was Global Express VH-SGA c/n 9369 operated by SG Aviation in Victoria which was its first ever visit to New  Zealand before departing back to Auckland International.

Secondly,on the 21st March, NZ based Citation C510 Mustang N890LG c/n 510-0466  which was a former C90GTI King Air before being transferred to the C510.It is normally based at Ardmore Airfield south of Auckland City.

All pictures courtesy of Peter Rat Mole