Wednesday, 13 November 2019

Visits to Te Kowhai and Hamilton Airfields

Upon my departure from Raglan on Sunday morning gone,it was rude not to drop into Te Kowhai and Hamilton on my journey back to Papamoa and had a mix bag onmy travels.

Te Kowhai was very quite with all hangars closed up except the open hangar which produced 6 Banthams.ZK-SBR,SBD,TKR,FVG,WPR and finally WVL. Also parked up outside was Cessna 150 N5JP and now permanent displayed DC-3 Dakota ZK-AZL.


After leaving a wet Te Kowhai,I drove across to Hamilton and again very quite but at least a couple of aircraft to view

Monday, 11 November 2019

Black sands weekend fly-in at Raglan

Once again thanks to Bruce Cooke of the Waikato and Thames Sports Aircraft Association Chapter who organised the 2019 event at Ragland Air strip from the 8-10th November,

However,for the 3rd year running,mother nature intervened and despite forecasts of rain,Saturday was a lovely sunny day and encouraging aircraft to attend but many areas had less favorable weather so numbers attending were down but i would like to thank all pilots that brought there planes to Raglan for the benefit of many.Thank you.

 It was also nice to catch up with with Flyernzl, ,Lord Minty and Agairnz who cover the Auckland airfield blogs,as well as fellow Pommies  Jordan Elvy and Simon Hills from down Kapiti/Levin way and Westland 831 from our sister blog 3rd Level New Zealand..Myself and Peter Hairy Mole of our blog appreciated the gossip and true spotting traditions with Kiwi plane spotters.

So here is the list over the 2 days as the 10th was cancelled due to incoming rain !!!!!

Friday 8th November
ZK-PSA   Dyn' Aero MCRO1 Club
ZK-PDN  Vans RV8
ZK-ESY   Zenair CH701 SP
ZK-BLW  Auster J5Q
ZK-TNT    Corby CJ 1 Starlet U/L
ZK-TOY    Corby CJ 1 Starlet U/L
ZK-YGL    Corby Starlet
ZK-ZXZ    Zenith CH 601- XL
ZK-TNZ    Tecnam P92 Eaglet U/L

Saturday 9th November
ZK-FNY  Cvjetkovic CA65
ZK-RVC   Vans RV-6A
ZK-MCQ  Just Aircraft Highlander
ZK-UAS   DH Chipmunk
ZK-MEG  Tecnam P2002 Sierra
ZK-TFP    Vans RV-12
ZK-DOQ   Piper PA-28-140 Cherokee
ZK-WCB   Aeroprakt A-32
ZK-CDL   Tecnam P92 Echo Super
ZK-MSV   Tecnam Astore
ZK-EBX   Piper PA28 -181 Archer
ZK-RLT    Maule MXT-7-180A
ZK-TYS   Yak 52
ZK-YAK  Yak 52
ZK-ZZT   Tecnam P2002  Sierra RG
ZK-SXR  Sonex
ZK-EOF  Cessna 172 N
ZK-WGK Czech Aircraft Works Sportscruiser
ZK-TLP   Pazmany PL-2
ZK-MMB Jodel D11
ZK-LPI     Alpi Aviation Pioneer 200

First for me was Vans RV-8 ZK-PDN from New Plymouth

The 3 Pommie Amigos .From the left- Simon Hill ,Peter Hairy Rat Mole,and Jordan Elvy with myself behind the pixs !!!

Te Kowhai based YAK 52 ZK-TYS

Up from Whakatane was ZK-WGK

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Recently re-painted in to this cool orange scheme was tecnam ZK-CDL from Parakai.

Tecnam Demonstrator ZK-TNZ seen arriving from its temporary home at Te Kowhai.

A few along the flight line at Raglan

Brett Emeny arrived in his Yak 52 ZK-YAK from New Plymouth

Sunday, 29 September 2019

Visitors to Tauranga during August

Here are a few noted into Tauranga over August

N738NZ SR22T arriving from Feilding

Robinson R44 ZK-HCO away from its operating base just south of kerikeri

Locally based at Rotorua is Cessna 172 ZK-JFK

Noted outside Solowings hangar is AutoGyro MTOSport ZK-RDA up from nearby Whakatane

Hawkes Bay aero club,s 2 Cessna 152,s parked outside Solowings.ZK-ZGR and ZK-TOD

Arriving from North Shore is PA-32R-301T Saratoga ZK-VQM

Latest Glider resident to Tauranga is LAK-17B FES ZK-GFS

Landing outside Rotorfix hangar is Eurocopter  AS 350 B2 ZK-HQD with Central Helicopters (2014) Limited at Opotiki.

Pixs Courtesy of Warwick Hamilton,peter Mole and Myself.