Sunday, 4 April 2021

Busy Easter Weekend at Tauranga

 Over the Easter holidays,Tauranga was blessed with many visitors during the 3rd-4th April so here are a few I caught on camera during the days.

A big thank you to you pilots and  plane owners for flying in.

Visiting from Hastings/Bridge pa was Cessna T206H ZK-NVC.

A first for me was Ron Fry,s lovely Lancair 320ZK-KWK arriving with DSJ and MAS and parking at Classic Flyers Air Museum.

Parking outside TAC for an overnight stay was Champion  7GCBC ZK-CRT up from Waipukurau.

Cessna 550 ZK-XGO arriving into Tauranga from its one base at Ardmore via a ticky tour of the Coromandel Peninsula.

Sunday, 21 March 2021

Trip to Whakatane Airport

 A quick trip into Whakatane airport on Saturday allow these to be pictured but unfortunately majority of hangars were all locked up hiding their prized gems.

Friday, 19 March 2021

New resident to Tauranga

 Tauranga received a new SR-22 from Feilding in March for a local owner in the shape of ZK-CNZ.

Sunday, 7 March 2021

Tiger Moth AGM flyin at Thames

 Thames airfield hosted the Tiger Moth AGM  fly-in over the -7th March weekend ,and dispite the good weather Friday and Saturday,the turn out was low manly due to the non-arrivals of Aucjkland based DH aircraft because of Covid-19 Level 3 restrictions which dont drop untill 6am pn sunday.

So myself and Peter Mole turned out on Saturday and this was what was present of the day.

Tiger Moth,s

ZK-ADT DH 60G Gipsy Moth

ZK-PHZ Thruxton Jackaroo

ZK-AON DH 82A Tiger Moth

ZK-BEF DH 82A Tiger Moth

ZK-BER DH 82A Tiger Moth

ZK-BLM DH 82A Tiger Moth

ZK-SSA DH 82A Tiger Moth

Support Aircraft

ZK- CDP Glasair taildragger

Visitors and Thames residents
ZK-VEE  Storm 300
ZK-HQQ   AS350 B2
ZK-JON   Jodel D.11UL
ZK-FDL  T-51 Mustang
ZK-USN  Stearman
ZK-JAN   P96 Golf
ZK-LFG    A-22
ZK-RJK    Minicab
ZK-ENJ   Havard

Thursday, 4 March 2021

Airfield visits en-route from Masterton Airfield

 Well,my first Wings of Wairarapa 2021 was a great success and heading back my 6+ hours drive back home to Papamoa ,i decided to drop into various airfields en-route back,so Pahiatua Airstrip,Palmerston North,Feilding and finally Taupo were visited and below are some aircraft on view at the time.

Pahiatua Airstrip.(First visit)

A big thank you to the owner of PA24 ZK- PMC to allow me onto the field and take these pixs.Most appreciated .

Palmerston North (First Visit)


And finally Taupo

Taken at Feilding