Saturday, 28 February 2015

February visitors to Tauranga

Some visitors noted over February 

PA28-181-Archer ZK-LMA  c/n 28-4478 up from Napier

Air Chathams Convair 440  ZK-CIF  c/n 381 operating a chartered flight to Tauranga before departing back to Auckland Int on the 28th February.

Christchurch based Cessna 180K ZK-JCW  c/n 18053100 was a welcome visitor from South island.It is operated by Canterbury aviation ltd

ZK-DOG  Cessna 0-1G from Kaipara Aviation Trust atvArdmore resting outside Flight Care hangar.

Robinson R-44 ZK-HOW   recently imported into NZ and was registered from Australia and seen  here departing Rotor Fix Hangar for a test flight before finally remaining at Tauranga as a new  resident.

Newly built Vans RV-3 ZK-WCO taxing away from Solo wings on  a post built flight before departing back to its Whakatane base

Dropping into Classic Hangars was Ardmore based Aerostar 601 ZK-JOS c/n 61-0361-116

Whangarei based PA28-181 -Archer ZK-KCC c/n 28-7990423

Another new registered Tecnam P2002-JF UL ZK-WRA departing 25 R/W to its new owners at Masterton after assembly and certs carried out at solo wings

2  Hamilton Fog diversions here resulted in ZK-VMF Beech 200 Super King air and newly registered Cessna 510 Mustang ZK-JAK parked up outside the control tower.

Arriving from Hamilton for a total re-paint at Aero Pacific Coatings was Kawasaki BK-117 B2 ZK-IPT for Westpac Rescue Services.

Finally,RNZAF PC-3C Orion NZ4203 made an unscheduled landing after a bird strike on one of the engine cowlings and parked up for an hour checking out possible damage before departing back to RNZAF Whenuapai

Friday, 27 February 2015

ZK-NEU New Colours

First day flying in its new Air New Zealand colours.


Thursday, 26 February 2015


We had a good mix of Twins today.First up was Air Chathams Convair 580 doing a second charter flight to  Queenstown.Followed by Mt Cook ATR72 doing the Christchurch run and then Jetstream 3200 on a training flight
Also up today was Tauranga based L-39 It's great to have a jet back at Tauranga


Saturday, 21 February 2015

Air Chatham Charters a flight to Chatham Islands from Tauranga

Veteran Air Chatham,s General Dynamics Convair 440/580 ZK-CIB arrived into Tauranga from Auckland around 13.30 pm on the 21st February to pick up fellow passengers inbound to the Chatham Islands ,which is a rare occasion here as normally Rotorua serves as a hub for the BOP,but I am not complaining on the outcome.
The Chatham Islands form an archipelago in the Pacific Ocean about 680 kilometres (423 mi) southeast of the South Islands mainland New Zealand. It consists of about ten islands within a 40-kilometre (25 mi) radius, the largest of which are Chatham Island and Pitt Island

ZK-CIB Convair 440/580 c/n 327A seen here landing on Seal 07 runway from Auckland Int at Tauranga

The Artwork on the L/H Fin is missing but on the R/H Fin is a clear example of the Chatham Islands

Thursday, 19 February 2015

C.510 Biz-Jet ZK-JAK first visit to Tauranga

A pleasant surprise on the 18th February was Citation510 Mustang ZK-JAK arriving into Tauranga after a planned flight to Hamilton was force to divert to Sunny Tauranga due to fog at Hamilton

.ZK-JAK is owned and operated by Hawkes Bay Limited based at Rotorua and joins fellow Cessna 510 in New Zealand ZK-LCA which also visited Tauranga last week.

ZK-JAK Cessna 510 Mustang c/n 510-0347 registered on the 3 Feb and formally VH-SQJ . 

Pictures courtesy of Peter "Hairy Rat"Mole

Friday, 13 February 2015

G-SRNE Helicopter visits Tauranga

Thanks to Peter Mole for the pictures of the following Helicopters.

It is a very rare occasion where a G -plate helicopter lands at Tauranga but thanks to the Super Yacht MY Serene which is touring the North Coast off Auckland ,its resident helicopter EC145 G-SRNE dropped in.

Kawasaki BK 117 ZK-HJK seen here departing North bound to Ardmore with G-SRNE after a fuel stop.

Sunday, 8 February 2015

Searay N415TA visits Tauranga

Peter "Hairy Rat"Mole kindly forward me theses images of Searay N415TA which landed into Tauranga on the 5th February before departing southbound.

For more information on this aircraft please click below

Pictures Courtesy of Peter"Hairy Rat " Mole

Saturday, 7 February 2015

N117LS Global 6000 visits Taupo

Captured parked up outside the terminal at Taupo on the 4th February  was Global 6000 N711LS which had visited NZ earlier in the month to Queenstown,Napier,Invercargil and Hamilton.

Global 6000 N711LS  c/n 9476 operated by The Whitewell Company

Myself pictured with N711LS in the backround

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Visitors noted in January to Tauranga.

Visitors noted in Tauranga over January

Even though arriving in late December from Ardmore,Cessna 182 ZK-MDH c/n 18280617 is still parked up outside NZ historic Aircraft Hangar.Maybe a possible new resident.

Arriving from Christchurch to transfer a Patient to Tauranga Hospital  was Beech 200 Super King Air ZK-FDR  c/n BL-31 operated by Garden City Helicopters 

Dropping into Solo Wings for Maintenance was Tecnam P2006T ZK-OBZ c/n 83 operated by Ardmore Aviation Services Ltd 

Another Solo-Wings Maintance from Waipukarau was Cessna 172 N ZK-FGJ with the Central Hawkes Bay Aero Club

Staying over the new year was Wellington based Piper PA28-R ZK-EIF c/n 28R-7837132

Overnight stay was the day for North shore based Auster J5 ZK-DBU c/n 2096 but carries RNZ Army  NZ1702 markings .

Cessna 172N  ZK-LCL c/n 17270867.which is based down Whakatane.

Taking off from the Classic Flyers area was EC120 ZK-IGE c/n 1555 heading back to its pad in Hamilton.

Departing back to Taupo glider airfield at Centinal Park where it resides, was Cessna 177B ZK-DNX c/n 17702057 .

Parked up from Hastings Bridge Pa was Hawkes Bay Aero Clubs Cessna 172  ZK-EKG c/n 17269830

Cessna P210 Pressurized Centurion  N526CH  c/n  P21000662 arrived from Ardmore from where it resides.

Air Gisbourne,s Grumman AA5,s ZK-MRR and ZK-JER were tempoary based for a week carrying out fish spotting duties over the eastern Bay of Plenty .

Another Ardmore resident Aerospool Dynamic WT9 ZK-MLC taxing out to 25 Grass  R/W departing to Matamata.

Noted parked up at Classic Flyers was Te Kowhai based Piel Emerauld CP-301 ZK-CBP  c/n CP1044 owned by the The Cambridge Flying Machine Company Limited .