Thursday, 23 April 2015


ZK-EJA  L 39 doing a fast low overshoot.  This is based at Tauranga.
Pic by  The Hairy Mole Rat

Tuesday, 21 April 2015


Sunair had a visit from the Cessna Caravan 208 EX demonstrator  N588EX today 21st April.. Arriving from Auckland Int ,it remained for a couple of hours before departing down to Napier.
Here are a few pics taken by The Hairy Mole Rat

Wednesday, 8 April 2015


The  Fokkers   8  Dr.1  &  1  D.VII

Pics by The Hairy Mole Rat

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Unvailing of Former WW2 RAAF Tiger Moth at Tauranga

Languishing in Aero Pacific Coatings hangar since 2005 at Tauranga,the owner Kim Thomson has finally finished a long term restoration project of a former 1940 R,A,A,F DH82A Tiger Moth A17-59 which was written off in 1940 and used as a Christmas tree to keep other Tigers flying during training of pilots in Australia at Tamworth.

Years later it passed on to various ownership starting to restore but in 2005 Kim took ownership and transported it back to New Zealand to one day fly again.Kim will provide further info in the coming weeks and is  up for sale in New Zealand for $NZ159.000 ,ZK-AGN is reserved for the machine but for now I will provide pictures of this superb restored Tiger Moth.

At last to Kims pleasure a buyer from South Africa has purchased this lovely machine and is now flying in South Africa to the disappointment of kiwi spotters that hoped would remain in New Zealand.

At present the Tiger Moth is under the expertise of John Pheasant from where the Tiger now lives in Johns hangar at Tauranga as the technical part of the re-build is being carried out.