Sunday, 20 March 2022

Visit to Ardmore Airfield

Dropping into Ardmore Airfield usually never disappoints me, and on the 19th March, it delivered with some jem airframes on view.

Asking permission to enter local hangars which was excepted and thank you for the 3 gents that were kind enough to allow me inside.

Grumman G-44 N144SL parked outside Avspecs Hangar on its current restoration to flight status.

BirdDog 01-A again under a restoration project and sporting a Vietnam War era paint scheme I believe.

Taylor Monoplane DQG.

Cessna 210 ETP showing off its new paint scheme .

Seen hanging from  the roof rafters in Ron McNair,s hangar was Mcnair Mynah ZK-LOI

Piper PA32 ZK-PDX again showing its lovely new paint scheme before departing for Pauanui.