Thursday, 31 July 2014

Some July Visitors to Tauranga

Robinson R-44 II  ZK-HHN arrives outside the maintance hangar from Renwick operated by Southern Helicopters.

Cessna 172 from Hamilton

Piper PA-18 Cub ZK-BQV operated Mr Henwood from Te Kowhai

Cessna 172 L ZK-DFY drops in from Whangarei 

Te Awamatu based Autogyro Calidus ZK-YGG arrives for Solo Wings

Air Gisbourne,s Seneca PA34-200T

Regular visitors from Massey University School of Aviation at Palmerston North was Diamond DA40 Star ZK-MTD  

Coming along way from Masterton/Hood was this Tiger Moth ZK-BLV.

Saturday, 26 July 2014

Daytime visit of NZ4201 Orion

On a routine training exercise with the usual overshoots and Approaches to Tauranga on the 24th, RNZAF Orion NZ4201 gave an appearance and pleasing to all that it was during a lovely sunny day instead of a nightime exercise.

Photos  courtesy of  " Hairy Mole Rat"

ZK-NEQ in the new Air NZ colour scheme

Arriving to Tauranga on the 25th on a scheduled flight  from Auckland was Air Nelsons DHC-8  ZK-NEQ seen on its first visit here showing off the new  All Black/Fern  livery which will be adopted within the whole Air Nelson fleet in the coming months. All are been re-painted down at the NZ Engineering paint shop down in Christchurch.

ZK-NEQ DHC-8 in the new fleet colour livery seen landing on 25R 

Photos  courtesy of  " Hairy Mole Rat"

Thursday, 17 July 2014

NZ Coastguard,s possible trials a AutoGyro at Tauranga.

Seen flying in the Tauranga area was newly registered Auto Gyro Europe MT-3 Eagle ZK-TCG which is soon to be used as a demonstrator for the NZ Coastguard and see how it performs around the Bay of Plenty coast.At present,the Gyro hasn't as yet been demonstrated for the coastguard so still remains in the hangar.

Photo above  courtesy of  " Hairy Mole Rat"

Saturday, 12 July 2014

Latest Twin resident to Tauranga (NZTG)

Flight International which were normally known as Bay flight has received a PA34-Seneca 220T ZK-RSQ from Helipro Aviation Training Limited at Palmerston North back to wards the end of June.Seen here on a normal rotation amongst the Helipro fleet ,taxing out towards R/W25 on a twin rating exercise.

ZK-RSQ  c/n 34-833001

The Seneca arrived in New Zealand in August 1995 as N8239D before being registered in NZ on the same day as ZK-RSQ and up to its present ownership it has passed hand  on no fewer than 6 occasions before residing here at Tauranga (NZTG).

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

RNZAF Hercules in Circuit training

On the 8th July RNZAF C.130H Hercules NZ7003 was pictured carrying out 2 touch and goes at Tauranga before landing,backtracking to R/W 07 and depart north bound to the Northland region.

C.130 Hercules NZ7003   c/n 4054 on final approach to 07 hard



Up and away

Landed and backtracking to RW07 for final departure to the north.