Tuesday, 29 April 2014

PC-9 and Mushak at KFAA

The main training aircraft operated by RSAF are the basic Mushak Trainer from Pakistan and the PC-9 built by Pilatus in Switzerland..Both aircraft are being replaced within  2 years in total by the order of 55 PC-21 to replace the PC-9 and 25 Cirrus SR22T which have already been delivered and will eventually phase out all the Pakistan AF Mushak,s of which 20 are in operation.
To determin the new scheme for the PC-21,yours truly was tasked to re-paint 2 PC-9,s into first a overall deep Blue scheme with various stripes in 3 colours and a Light Green in the same scheme.After various flight sorties and inspections by senior RSAF Officers ,the blue was excepted as the future colour scheme for the new PC-21.The first 3 are arriving in early June followed by 3 every month over a 2 year period.

PC-9 918 was painted in a Light Green experimental scheme to decide which will be selected for the future PC-21 fleet

PC-9 911 painted in a deep blue scheme and was the eventual winner

The current colour scheme for the RSAF PC-9 fleet .Colbolt Blue,Signal red and White.

The Pakistani built Mushak painted the same as the PC-9 but are maintained by personnel of the Pakistan Air Force.

Monday, 21 April 2014

Rare Iranian jet visits Riyadh

On the 20th April a very rare sight to land at Riyadh was Qesham Air Fokker 100 EP-FQG which i pictured approaching 15R.Considering the frosty relationship between both capitals as late.I don't believe it was a scheduled flight but with the slight laps of sanctions on aircraft parts,there have been more Iranian traffic over flying Riyadh airways to Jeddah.Maybe we might see more Iranian Airlines fly into Riyadh.I Hope so.

EP-FQG  Fokker F.100  c/n 11444

Sunday, 20 April 2014

New RSAF Beech 350,S

Recently,Riyadh Air Base has been receiving brand new Beech 350,s over the past few months and are been operated in a VIP role as 50 Sqn based in Riyadh and as of the 19th Arpril,7 have been delivered in a semi-matt colour scheme as identical to the RSAF Typhoons at Taif.50 sqn are expecting another 3 more deliveries making it 10 overall.Here is the fleet details so far.

5001  c/n FL-863
5002  c/n FL-865
5003  c/n FL-866
5004  c/n FL-868
5005  c/n FL-869
5006  c/n FL-872
5007  c/n FL-873

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

More Indian AF Antonovs nightstop in Riyadh

The early evening of 15th April I managed to witness 2 more AN-32 ,s nigh-stop at Riyadh (OERK) and parking up on the private ramp at the Private Aviation area at Riyadh.I am not sure whether they are outbound from Kiev or en-route for a major overall.Time will tell.For some reason both were using the same callsign of "AZA0909".The 2 aircraft mentioned were K2693 and K2762.

Monday, 14 April 2014

VP-BED ACJ.319 visiting Riyadh

On the 12th April , Airbus ACJ319-115X  VP-BED flew into Riyadh KKIA from Lanseria in South Africa and stayed overnight before departing north towards Geneva with a delegate of Saudi Businessmen on board.I just managed to arrive just as it was approaching  runway 15L .The Airbus is owned by the South African Charter firm Planair.

ACJ319-115X VP-BED  c/n 3073
VP-BED flying over the top of my apartment at 5500 ft and climbing.

Thursday, 10 April 2014

RSAF.s new Elementary Trainer SR-22T

As a replacement for Cessna  elementary flight training for the RSAF ,the first of 25 Cirrus SR-22T arrived back last June flying via Greenland,Iceland,Wick in Scotland,Eglesbach in Germany Turkey ,Jordan and finally landing at Riyadh air base  (OERY).All 25 were delivered over a 3 month period and all registered under 8 SQN from 801 to 825 respectively.These are a lead in to the awaited delivery of 55 PC-21 aircraft from June this year with roughly 3 a month arriving which will replace the old PC-9 which will finally be re-tired after 2016.

806 SR-22 with Spats

803 SR-22 without spats

Thursday, 3 April 2014

Indian Antonovs night stop in Riyadh

Arriving yesterday 1st April in the early evening from Ukraine via Jeddah were 3 Antonov AN-32 ,s of the Indian air Force night stopping in Riyadh after receiving an upgrade and refurbishment at the Kiev factory under an upgrade signed over 5 years ago.
They all departed on the 2nd en-route to Doha and then on to Muscat.Are they doing a Middle East tour I wonder ?

The 3 aircraft mentioned were
K2675 with cal sign of 'GABLESEN" c/n 0110
K2736 with callsign of "AZA0909"     c/n 0802
K2757 with callsign of "IFC0714"      c/n  1202

All pictures were noted at the Kiev Aircraft repair yard.

AN-32 Indian Air Force K2757

AN-32 Indian air Force K-2736