Saturday, 12 May 2018

My mini Tour of UAE Airports FJR and RAK

I had the pleasure from 8th May 2018 of travelling to Fujariah on the NE side of the Emirates for  a couple of days to catch up with the Aviation scenery as well as chilling out .
As many of you are aware Fujariah is definitely NOT a friendly airport with CCTV cameras everywhere

Majority of stored aircraft can been seen from the end  NW corner of the airfield adjacent to 11 Runway

2 Kenyan Hercules 5X-TUA and 5X-TUB parked up close to the Airport terminal

Boeing 747,S TF-AAB and ER-BAE parked up next to the freight area.

A billy bonus.A delivery flight going through FJR was ATR72 8Q-VAW enroute to Dar Es Salam and onto Male.

In the back ground  you can see a derelict Antonev AN-28 waiting to be put out of its misery which I beleive is UP-A2806.

and on the Terminal side of the airport ,a 40 ft high concrete fence hides everything to see or dare photo and on the far side of the airport where the majority of stored Russian aircraft are situated,fences and cloth strung across the area at eye level blocks off reading the aircraft .And finally you have got to avoid the Police especially if you dare to use your camera as on many occasions arrest happens and hell to pay with.

My advise.Good zoom lens and stay in 1 of the hotels situation near to the airport to take pictures.

So staying at Fujariah from 8-10th May i noted over 40 plus stored aircraft with many with doggy histories and destined never to leave as well as aircraft i noted when visiting Ras Al Khaimah.

Here are some pixs from Fujariah,Ras El Khamaih and Jazirah Airports in UAE.

Taken at the cafe at RAK in a middle of a sandstorm !!! is Air Arabia A320 A6-ANL and just tight of the cockpit is E135 Legacy M-CPRS

On leaving RAK heading back to Abu Dhabi  i dropped into Jazirah Airfield and with majority of UAE registered sport aircraft based here,so i took a chance and paid a visit.Luckily this Cherokee was outside abandoned which is A6-DUB but i was allowed but escorted into only 2 of 5 hangars and witnessed various A-22, Gyrocopters,Tecnams in the club hangar but no photos area allowed airside 

Photography is very difficult at RAK so a shot of the 3 stored Tristars at the end of the runway

These are adjacent to the airport terminal but as you can see ,a sandstorm ruins any decent pictures.

Finally my only decent shot as the storm had passed and this was abandoned for many years at the disused airfield of  Umm Al Quwain .It is a IL76   RA-86715

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