Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Trip back to NZ

A trip back to is my new country New Zealand is always special,so leaving a hot and humid Abu Dhabi was a blessing in disguise.So boarding  a B777 of Etihad Airways A6-ETS   heading for Sydney  arriving just over 13 hours later .Arriving in the early morning of friday gave me time to witness the early Chinese Carriers before Air New Zealand,s B767 ZK-NCI arrived and after 3 hours waiting boarded NZ102 flight for Auckland on possibly my last flight on a ANZ B767 before they are retired from service.
A smooth flight to Auckland in under 3 hours allowed me to have a chillout moment at Auckland airport and then experience my first ever domestic flight in New Zealand.

My only complaint was the domestic terminal!!!Where was the viewing area inside the terminal..Anyway Mount Cooks ATR72 ZK-MCX awaited me and just 30 mins later was touching down into a dark Tauranga Airport and my 3 weeks of relaxation awaits me.

Captioned outside my window seat was B777 A6-ETB

As we taxied out towards 13L R/way the Royal flight ramp at Abu Dhabi is visible with Emiri,s Bahrain B747  A9C-HMK parked up along side the Abu Dhabi Royal fleets 

Landing at Terminal 3 in Sydney ,a rare sight these days is a B747 HS-TGZ of Thai Airways

An influx Chinese Carriers arriving into Sdyney with Air China A330 B-5927 seen her taxing past.

My flight awaits me.NZ102 B767 ZK-NCI at Sydney

B737 ZK-PAQ of Parcel Air parked up outside the Airworks hangar in Auckland.

Fokker 50 

Jetstar,s recent addition to the NZ domestic flight routes is DHC-8 VH-SBI seen here being towed to the maintenance hangar
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